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Who are we?

CRANIUM Campus is your professional training provider covering a wide range of topics in the fields of privacy and security. Our expert trainers instruct people and businesses worldwide on how to protect their data and remain compliant with data protection legislation.

Why choose us?

Expert trainers

All trainers at CRANIUM Campus have extensive experience in the privacy and/or security aspects of personal data protection. Our top trainers include both lawyers or legal professionals as well as security experts. They are seasoned subject matter experts combining their role as a trainer with active assignments in the field, allowing them to bring real-life examples to the training room.

Hands-on approach

Trainings that run through each individual article of law or provide you with theoretical models are abundant. This is not how we work. CRANIUM Campus will look at privacy and security from your specific angle or business through interactive sessions seasoned with real-life cases, a wide range of exercises and hands-on templates you’ll actually be able to use, not just during but even more importantly after the training. Our GDPR Unfolded Series offers courses tailored to different domains or industries and appropriate towards any level of experience: from GDPR newbies to seasoned privacy experts.

DPO certification

For our DPO training, we offer participants the possibility to take an online exam and obtain CRANIUM Campus Data Protection Officer Certificate. Participating in the exam and obtaining the much-valued certificate are the ideal preparation to a future role as DPO for your company. This is now a mandatory role in many organizations as the GDPR has gone into effect May 2018. As a plus, our training also earns you 26 Continuing Privacy Education (CPE) credits that might be used for your other certifications.

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